Homemade Applesauce (with stevia)


ooooo makes me feel like a baby again!

Apart from the odd jar of post baby jar food (come on you did it too!) I hadnt eaten applesauce in years! Until I moved to sweden and it seems everyone and her grandmother made and ate it! It was always so delicious, especially eaten on top of hot porridge/oatmeal that I promised I’d get around to finding a recipe and making my own. I only made this for the first time a month or so ago and it was so much easier than I remember my swedish friends explaining to me. I also wanted to sweeten mine without sugar, so I found a few recipes and seem to remember one being on the Stevia website.

But here is what I did for the last batch I made

Homemade Applesauce REEcipe

3-4 large sweet apples

water (to cover the apples)

A small squeeze of lemon juice

Stevia to sweeten if neccessary


  1. I chopped the apples and placed them in a pan to boil with enough water to cover the apples.  (I squeezed a tad of lemon juice on them while chopping)
  2. Boil until apples are soft and mash with a fork (include the water..shouldnt be much left)
  3. Allow to cool and then blitz in a blender to desired consistency!
  4. If desired add a tiny tip of  a knife of Stevia to sweeten…

Next time I think I’ll leave the applesauce more rustic textured and unless you dont like the taste of ‘tart’ and sweet apples it really doesnt need any Stevia ! Ummm I think I might have porriage and applesauce for dinner…

p.s I guess you could also use an artificial sweetner…but that wouldnt make it healthy for me…as artifical sweetners are chemicals…incase you didnt know….


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